What people say about Jane Cranston!


“Jane runs the most informative and productive 90-minute (tele-) seminars you'll ever experience...loaded with useful tools and actionable recommendations that WORK!”

—Connie Avila
Marketing Executive/Entertainment & Media




“If you need to jump start your career or have to, given current economic times—Jane Cranston is your ticket!

I know Jane in action, both as a best boss, (how many are there of those?), and as my executive coach, prior to these challenging times where we are now all fearful about our futures. Given my experience, I consult with Jane ongoing to enhance my present career.

Look for Jane to be super knowledgeable, best of her business, inspiring, energetic, (that transfers to you), introspective, thoughtful and fun—a real pro! Yes—I said fun! You will actually experience your job search as entertaining and engaging, and will look forward to applying the many, various and unique tools she provides “Bottom line—Jane is fun and unique, and totally focused on your success—your personal job shrink. You will utilize job search skills that will set you apart from the pack and discover opportunities you never considered.

Be ready to dive in and do the work she suggests—do it! Big pay off—right, fun, rewarding employment and career.

Hire Jane Cranston.”

—Elaine Werner
On-Air Fundraiser
Connecticut Public Television
Political Consultant and Constituent Advocate




“Jane, that (tele-class—Powerful Networking for Job Search Success) was really fantastic! You never cease to amaze me with how driven, dynamic, and caring you are. I know I am a better person and will be capable of reaching more of my full potential by having you in my life.

The (ongoing career coaching) is extremely helpful.”

—Stephen Krug
Chief Operating Officer
Second Curve Capital




“Jane has a gift for bringing out the very best in others! Her sensitive probing and infectious humor made me look forward to each of our sessions and the insights that we would discover together.

Having lost my executive job with a large corporation, I was feeling lost and betrayed, my self-confidence shaken. Jane helped me to get in touch with my emotions, so I could more effectively deal with my feelings. And after such a successful long career, much of my identity had been wrapped up in my work. But by focusing me on what my new ideal job might be, she helped me to see this as an opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do. Jane's straight-forward questions and genuine support enabled me to remember my strengths and regain my confidence.

Thanks to her thoughtful guidance and generous heart, I have found a position I love as Executive Director of a large not-for-profit agency. Jane was my angel when I was most in need! I will always be grateful for her influence in my life.”

—Executive Director of a large Not-for-Profit Agency




“Jane has enabled me to focus on the tough aspects of job searching and career development.

Prior to working with her, I had been unsuccessful in obtaining a position. The instant I met her, I knew she understood my situation, what I wanted to achieve and most importantly, the tools I needed to get there.

Her task orientated style was an ideal match for me. I gained confidence and poise by completing challenging weekly assignments. While working with Jane, I was offered my dream job.”

MTV Networks




“Jane is the utmost professional. She has helped me with transition from the corporate art world into running my own business. She has given me confidence and the most sound advice, which helped me become a stronger negotiator. Working with Jane has also helped me understand the transfer of my skills from the commercial/corporate art world into running my own business and running Alex Beard Studio. I have referred many people to her and they all come back raving about Jane. Jane rocks!”

—Cyndi Shattuck
Professional Photographer and Gallery Executive




“She doesn't tell me what to do...she does guide me to see what's possible and how I can accomplish it. And, she thinks 'big!' No one has ever been able to reach me the way Jane does.”

—Roz Tani
RetroRozNYC antiques and estates




“The tele-seminar was very insightful and useful. I will tune in to the second installment. If Jane could make an hour on 'Resumes' good—then 'Networking' should be fantastic.”





“Jane Cranston has provided multiple breakthroughs in reaching my career objectives, completing my self-help book, and targeting goals that have contributed immeasurably to my career and quality of life issues.”

—George Tani
Author, Clinician


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