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Jane CranstonImagine having job search clarity in less than 2 hours. Visualize yourself structuring a powerful resume, creating an effective networking plan, preparing for those challenging interview questions and answers and getting the job you want and deserve.

For whatever reason you find yourself in the job market, this may be the first time or maybe you’ve been on this slippery slope before. Regardless of your situation no one likes looking for a job.

There’re tons of advice out there—books, videos, seminars, outplacement counselors, and of course your friends, family and colleagues. They all have words of wisdom on what you should do. The problem is you don’t know where to start or the sequence of events. You had a few attempts but they all seem to go to the same place—nowhere. And you’re asking yourself, “what if all those people are wrong?

There is actually a good chance they are wrong, not intentionally misguiding you but offering outdated, misguided, personal experience tips based on information that may not even be right for you.

This is a new world, this job hunting thing. There are so many options and not enough time and you’ve got to get in the game NOW!

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I know you’re the kind of person who likes to have a plan and a goal. Your goal is to get a job! No, get a great job, one that is right for you and your career, a position that pays you what you’re worth in an environment where you will thrive.

Get a great job and get it now despite these tough times.

But you’re ahead of yourself.

You don’t have a current resume. Networking is something that was always on your To Do list but never really happened. You’re a little anxious about those upcoming interview questions. What do they ask? How do you answer? And how will you explain what happened to you at the last place?

Like most big moves in life, you need a roadmap, an action plan. You want to get started but that seems to be the biggest hurdle.

I want to assure you, getting started is often the hardest part for most people.

That’s why I created the Great Job in Tough Times Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session. Two hours, just you and me, on the phone or in-person, with our sleeves rolled-up, using laser focus to get you structured, and moving.

Together we’ll…

  • Get that resume mapped out using keywords and a competencies-focused approach.
  • Start networking in an efficient and effective way using your talents and personality as an asset, not a deterrent.
  • Hone-in on the critical interview questions and answers you must know for every interview. Learn what to ask and when.
  • Schedule and execute an action plan to make sure you are out there, fast and in a big way.
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My executive coaching clients are smart, motivated, successful individuals. They have tackled many challenges. What most of them are not so great at is selling themselves. Sound familiar?

I have coached hundreds of managers, executives, and professionals to develop a self-marketing strategy. Whether you like it or not, finding a job is really a selling job, maybe the biggest sale you’ll ever make. Talking about yourself, having to justify your decisions, and convincing a complete stranger that he should pass you on to the next level is probably out of your comfort zone. Let me tell you a secret—we can widen that zone by planning, predicting and practicing, so that you feel prepared, confident, and reach your goal of getting the job of your dreams.

Because hunting for a job doesn’t come naturally, you probably are doing what most normal person do. You avoid the subject, assuring yourself something will pop up or that your future employer will give you a call. How’s that working? Probably pretty well, since you’ve not gotten nearly as far into this process as you had promised you would.

The Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session helps you break out of your fear zone and expand into a movement place. It equips you with tools and practices that are easy to follow and action oriented.

How does the Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session work?

  1. You register for the strategy session. Contact me at .
  2. We’ll contact you in two business days to schedule your strategy session.
  3. You’ll receive, in advance, planning materials so you can prepare for our meeting.
  4. Our session is an intensive, productive two hours. Together, we’ll address your resume framework, networking action plan, and interviewing essentials.

You’ll leave energized, confident and most importantly moving.


That’s right, guaranteed.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your strategy session, you will get a full refund, no questions asked. No risk, only the potential of enormous benefits.

A private career strategy coaching session with me for my corporate clients usually costs $500.

For visitors to my website, I have decided to give a special, single session price of $300. That’s right, $200 less than what I usually charge.

Why? Because I want you to experience my coaching first-hand, one-on-one, you and me. I’d like to assist you in getting the job you truly deserve, quickly and with less stress. For an investment of $300 (think of all the ways you have blown more than that in the past six months), you get to take charge of your career and do it now.

I want to get moving with my job search
Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session
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All you need is a credit card and an email address. Invest in yourself and this very important area of your life. We’ll have you scheduled and up and running in no time.


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