Group Coaching—an economical
and supportive way to
get the information you need

Group Coaching is an excellent way to learn from the challenges and successes of others, gain support, and receive the benefits of coaching in an economical forum under the guidance of a professional career coach.

How does Group Coaching work? Each group consists of a maximum of six members. We meet, on the telephone, three times per month for 90 minutes. The first section of the call is a brief check-in with all members. We discuss accomplishments and challenges. Next, we go over the homework from the previous week. Assignments are a big part of the program since there's only so much we can get done in the time allowed. A good portion of the remainder of the group coaching session is spent with me providing basic skill training, maybe some role playing, and updating the group as to new developments and resources. Finally, open the virtual floor to Q and A. The time flies and you will leave each session with a substantial “to do” list. Members of groups have bonded in an extraordinary way—making friends and colleagues during the process. They become another component of your networking and support system.

Groups meet for two months, six sessions. The program includes the six telephone sessions, Great Job in Tough Times job search templates, and a subscription to my GJTT—Career Quick Tips.

Groups form on a regular basis.

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