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Jane CranstonYou can begin and succeed in your job search, and land the job you want, in a career you love, working with people you like and respect.

You’re capable of doing all of this as long as you have a well-defined plan designed especially for you, along with a guide/mentor/coach to help you stay on course, accelerate your progress, and support you during the challenging times.

This is why many of my clients select the custom, 1x1 ongoing coaching program, giving us the opportunity to meet regularly, privately, face-to-face in my NYC office or in your office (for an additional fee), on the telephone, or Zoom. We work together to develop a comprehensive job search plan but also execute your job search from the first step through successful on-boarding at your new place of employment.

Many clients elect ongoing coaching after a successful Jump Start Strategy Session; some decide they want to make a full commitment (to themselves) and go immediately to the Ongoing Career Coaching. If procrastination is a challenge for you, or if you need to get into fifth gear NOW, and/or you see your situation as requiring special attention, then go for the ongoing coaching right away. A number of clients have chosen this program because they are sure about what they don’t want to do but not clear what they really are looking for. They haven’t got a clue how to get there. Why waste time thinking about it when you can get the necessary assessments and learn the skills and techniques I already know, and have helped others to apply successfully?

Here is what one client had to say…


“If you need to jump start your career or have to, given current economic times—Jane Cranston is your ticket!

I know Jane in action, both as a best boss, (how many are there of those?), and as my executive coach, prior to these challenging times where we are now all fearful about our futures. Given my experience, I consult with Jane ongoing to enhance my present career.

Look for Jane to be super knowledgeable, best of her business, inspiring, energetic, (that transfers to you), introspective, thoughtful and fun—a real pro! Yes—I said fun! You will actually experience your job search as entertaining and engaging, and will look forward to applying the many, various and unique tools she provides

“Bottom line—Jane is fun and unique, and totally focused on your success—your personal job shrink. You will utilize job search skills that will set you apart from the pack and discover opportunities you never considered.

Be ready to dive in and do the work she suggests—do it! Big pay off—right, fun, rewarding employment and career.

Hire Jane Cranston.”

—Elaine Werner, Program Specialist AARP, On-Air Fundraiser
Connecticut Public Television
Political Consultant and Constituent Advocate


In the Ongoing Career Coaching sessions, we take a wide view. That’s right, a 360 look at you and your career. There is a comprehensive profile and an assessment tool I administer. It helps us understand your ideal kind of work and employment environment. In addition, the tools will give you some important keywords and phrases to apply to your resume, within cover letters, warm calls, and follow-up correspondence, as well as integrate into your interview questions and answers.

An Ongoing Career Coaching session is an intense hour. We set goals, a timeline, and you leave each meeting with tons of ideas, insights, and homework.

Committing to the job search process:

  •  Insures you do enough research and the best kind of information gathering to focus your time and energy in the right places, have a full understanding of opportunities, so you don’t end up in the same mess as you are right now.
  • Gets you networking, in-person and online, in a way that will produce results.
  • Focuses your energy and accelerates the results.
  • Keeps you up-to-date on electronic postings and resumes.
  • Targets your keywords and competencies.
  • Assists you in working around the hurdles—why you lost your last position, gaps in employment, why you want to switch to another sector, industry or location, and other challenges.
  • Practice your answers and questions; anticipate, so you ace the interview.
  • Provides you with the tools to make an informed employment decision.
  • Helps you prioritize your compensation needs and understand what to negotiate and when.
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What can you expect to achieve with the
Great Job in Tough Times
Ongoing Coaching Sessions?

  1. You will have a targeted job search effort.
  2. You will have a professional resume(s) that works on paper, electronically, and LinkedIn.
  3. A job search marketing plan.
  4. An efficient and effective networking strategy.
  5. A new confidence in your ability to answer and ask even the hardest of interview questions.
  6. A presentation package that will take you and your information into any job search situation—interview, networking meeting, job fair.
  7. Access to my network of specialists and professionals who can provide you with an insider view into the marketplace, the competition, and additional skills you might need.
  8. Access to me, by email and telephone, outside of session time.
  9. Ongoing support—hey it’s lonely out there!
  10. The knowledge and satisfaction that you have taken charge of this very important part of your life—your employment and your career.

And much, much more.

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Ongoing Career Coaching Sessions
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You’ll be glad you did.

When you calculate your earning potential per hour and the amount it costs you in time, energy, and money to either not have a job or work in one you do not like or benefit from, it becomes clear that making an investment in yourself with coaching is a pretty simple decision.

So, how long does Ongoing Career Coaching take and how much does it cost?

I strongly suggest people make a 90-day commitment to coaching. In the Ongoing Coaching Program three months means one session, per week, for an hour, three times per month. That’s a total of nine hours. Of course, the commitment you make to yourself to do the necessary work between sessions is much more time.

Why 90 days? Because change takes time and you will need to complete many steps before getting to where you want to be. If you are like most people, you spent all of your time doing your job, not looking for another. Now you are playing catch-up.

We know any successful diet, exercise program, or other habit change requires repetition and time to really grow new brain circuits. Also, in these tough times decision makers seem to be more cautious. They involve more eyes and ears in the selection process than ever before. It will take you time to stock your job search toolkit, do the appropriate amount of research and networking. You will also come upon challenges you did not anticipate and probably a few surprises. For this reason, I strongly suggest, but do not insist, on a 90-day commitment. Hey! If you find the perfect position in a week, we’ll celebrate together.

An individual career coaching session with me is $400. If you sign up for the 90-days of Ongoing Coaching, you pay only $1,000 per three-session module, realizing a savings of $200 per module. I find people who commit to a series of sessions tend to show up and get the work done faster than those who go session to session.

It's a way to save you time and money. Why try to learn what I already know and have shared with hundreds of people? While you are out there trying to figure it out, your competition is getting the interviews.

The decision should be pretty clear. You need to do something that is proven and action oriented. And you need to do it NOW!

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Still not convinced? Maybe you should try my one session Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session. Click here>>> to learn more.


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